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My Story

Hello, I am Kate Carmell...

I enjoy capturing the emotion and movement of the sea in my art. My fascination with the ocean and its contents began as a little girl living in Olympia Washington and spending time at Hood Canal and the Washington Coast. I felt carefree with a complete sense of freedom at the beach, Currently, I am a resident of Laguna Beach, California. I feel a deep and inspirational spiritual connection with the dazzling beaches and turquoise waters. And at the end of the day, sunsets show their magical powers as the sun drops into the ocean, leaving behind a breathtaking, colorful palette.


"Years ago, while living in Seattle, I envisioned myself living and painting in Laguna Beach. It's unbelievable to me that this ethereal dream has come true! I've met so many incredible artists and been inspired by many throughout my art studies and journey. Art is like meditation for me, and a way to connect on a much deeper level with nature and beauty. I believe that art truly comes from within."



In 1985 on my first trip to Europe, I immersed myself for four incredible days viewing Dutch art in Amsterdam.
The passion I witnessed in the paintings of Van Gogh and Rembrandt touched my sensibilities deeply.

Shortly after that trip I I met Ruth Mayer, an internationally famous artist, in Laguna Beach in the mid-eighties, who was painting near Heisler Park. Ruth gave me a signed print and encouraged me to follow my heart and become a painter. That act of kindness helped lead me to my dream of painting. "I am eternally grateful that my life unfolded into this incredible opportunity to express myself on canvas, and a centerpoint in my creative life. My painting history is short...six years, but it's been one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences in my life.”

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