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Oil paint dries slowly and consists of pigments suspended in drying oils. The result is a
durable and beautiful richness in color. It is unsurpassed for textural variation.


When the Red Sun Kisses the Sea

Drama on an evening walk occurs when the sun teeters on the edge of the horizon with a fiery orange sky and seems to literally drop into the ocean.

14" x 11"             oil

$ 525     Framed

La Plage

The shoreline of Laguna Beach reminds me of areas
of the Côte d'Azur, rugged and beautiful at the same time...

14" x 11"            oil

$ 525   Framed

The Plage Oil Painting
Sundrenched Oil Painting


Sunset at Diver's Cove in Laguna Beach brings to life the intense colors of the cliffs.

12" x 9"              oil

$ 450    Framed

Au Printemps

The vibrant colors that make Laguna Canyon come alive in springtime inspired me to paint this "plein air".

12" x 9"                oil

$ 450    Framed

Au Printemps Oil
The Wave Oil Painting

The Wave

I feel such an incredible sense of connection with the power of the ocean. The constant movement and sound always renews my spirit.

24" x 18"             oil

$ 550    Framed

White Peony

Peonies make me happy…the essence of the flower and these delicate petals are captivating…like soul food.  

20" x 16"             oil

$ 550     Framed

White Peony Oil Painting
The Cave Oil Painting

The Cave

Cliffs, caves and the blue Pacific add drama and beauty to our incredible Laguna Beach Coast.

14" x 11"              oil

$ 580   Framed

Just the Two of Us

Walking Crystal Cove beach in Laguna Beach is my favorite.

14" x 11"              oil

$ 525   Framed

Just the Two of Us Oil Painting
Lets Catch A Wave

Let's Catch a Wave

Sunlight washes over the big wave enticing surfers to come out and play in Laguna Beach

14" x 11"            oil

$ 580    UnFramed

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